Vintage 1950s cotton print skirt lot. Ian Drummond Vintage.

1950s Textile Prints

We listed some great 1950s full skirts this week. They each feature fantastic prints on cotton in various motifs and colourways. We decided to group them into lots, but please reach out if you would like a single item. Most of these skirts do come with some condition issues, so they might be better put to use as fabric for a new item. Click any photo below to be taken to the listing page. 

Vintage 1950s floral cotton print skirt in pink, teal and green on a pale yellow background in size small:

Vintage 1950s cotton floral print skirt. Ian Drummond Vintage.

Vintage 1950s blue plaid cotton print skirt in size extra small:

Full long gathered cotton skirt with a plaid print of blue, brown and white. Ian Drummond vintage.

Vintage 1950s black & white Aztec print skirt in size extra small:

Full pleated cotton skirt with black and white Aztec style print.

Vintage 1950s lavender & grey cotton floral print skirt with contrast waistband in size large:

Vintage 1950s print skirt with white background with grey and lavender floral print.

Vintage 50s purple & teal Indian style print cotton skirt in size medium:

50s skirt; white background with purple, teal and navy print in an Indian style leaf motif.

Vintage 50s purple, blue and green floral print cotton skirt in size XXL:

Vintage 50s skirt: white background with purple, green and blue floral print.

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