Do you put items on hold? 

Yes, we can put an item on hold for you for 24 hours. 

Do you offer Layaway? 

At the moment we do not offer layaway.

Will you combine shipping for multiple orders?

Yes, we always combine the shipping if someone places multiple orders.

Can you alter the value on a customs form? 

No, it is against the law to alter customs forms.

Do you accept offers?

No. We take our time to thoroughly research every item we list, and price our items based on general market value, rarity, label and condition. We price our items fairly and take into account the time it takes to list, photograph, research and present each item to you as best as we can. 

Do you sell in person? 

Yes. We sell at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, the CAFTCAD sale, and we typically have a studio sale once or twice a year. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when we our next event will be!