A collection of vintage dresses from the 20s-60s. Ian Drummond Vintage.

A Sustainable Mindset For Shopping Vintage

Sometimes, we come across adorable vintage pieces that are sadly no longer wearable in their current condition. But we can see the potential in them! A lot of the time, these items can be spruced up and repaired with some creative ingenue. We love to see old treasures brought back to life by our talented customers. We don't want these garments to be thrown out and lost forever. Let's mend! Check out the great selection of dresses below from the 20s to the 50s and let us know your ideas for how to rescue these beauties.

Alternatively, these pieces have value as study pieces or as fabric salvage. The prints alone could be framed and hung on a wall! They are also great for costume designers, researchers or makers who want to copy the pattern for a new garment or to use as a base to build onto. The possibilities are endless!

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1950s fairytale novelty print red dress. Ian Drummond Vintage.

1920s quilted embroidery silk dress. Ian Drummond Vintage.

Vintage 30s/40s novelty print yellow dress. Ian Drummond Vintage.

1950s floral print nylon blue tea dress. Ian Drummond Vintage.

Vintage 1920s black silk beaded flapper dress.

1950s feather print grey & pink dress. Ian Drummond Vintage.

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