Barbie Look Book

Barbie Through the Years Lookbook

We put together 30 different looks inspired by Barbie, from her original release in 1959 right up to the Silkstone fashion model Barbie's of the 2000s. All of these looks were created with clothing for sale in our shop and some accessories from our rentals collection. Check out the link to our 'Barbie Through the Years' collection at the end of this post to shop the items used. 

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun paying homage to Barbie and recreating her looks in anticipation of the release of the Barbie movie this weekend. What is your favourite look of the bunch? Comment below!

Original 1959

The OG wore a black and white zebra striped swimsuit and was available as either a blonde or brunette. Her outfit was created by Mattel fashion designer Charlotte Johnson.

On Australia’s Bondi Beach at the end of June, Margot dressed in a black and white striped bondage dress by Hervé Léger to channel Barbie’s original look. But even further back in May, she changed into a strapless black and white zigzag striped sequined mini dress for a Met Gala after-party! Was Margot giving us a taste of what was to come on the Barbie press tour???

Easter Parade 1959

Easter Parade Barbie 1959

This ensemble was released in the original 900 series and featured an apple print sheath dress and black coat. It was one of only 3 outfits originally available for Barbie, the other two being Gay Parisienne and Roman Holiday. It was reproduced in 1994 for the 35th anniversary. An original set sells online for thousands of dollars!

Golden Girl/ Evening Splendour 1959

A golden brocade ensemble that was part of the original 900 series. 

Golden Girl Barbie 1959

The Golden Girl look featured just the gold and white brocade dress without the coat. 

Golden Girl/ Evening Splendour Barbie 1959
Evening Splendour Barbie
Evening Splendour was issued shortly after which included the Golden Girl dress with a matching coat and head piece.

The fabric used in this outfit was also used to create the Japanese version of ‘Theatre Date’. 

A reproduction of 300 dolls was issued in 2005 for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. 

Hallmark released an ornament in 2006 to commemorate this look. 

Suburban Shopper 1959

This ensemble ran from 1959-64 and appeared on barbie doll carrying cases. In 1963, a pink version was issued. Hallmark released a 35th anniversary ornament in 1998 to commemorate this look with Midge modelling it! A reproduction was issued by Mattel in 2001.

Nighty Negligée 1959

Nighty Negligée Barbie 1959

This pink sheer nightgown and robe set was part of the original 900 series. It came with pompom slippers and a cute felt doggo. It ran for 5 years. 

"After her exciting adventures during the day, Barbie® doll settled down at night in something glamorous with her stuffed doggie!”

Solo in the Spotlight 1960 

This collector's favourite Barbie is the definition of a siren in this singing queen stage ensemble. Two Barbie doll carrying cases from 1962 featured Spotlight on the front of them (along with Enchanted Evening and Ballerina). A porcelain version was released in 1990. A reproduction was issued in 1995 and in 2009, a 50th anniversary set was released with the original Barbie 'teenage fashion model' swimsuit and this Spotlight look. 

Hallmark came out with ornaments to commemorate Spotlight in 1995 and 2001. 

Margot wore a version of this dress made by Schiaparelli to the Los Angeles Premiere of the Barbie movie on July 8th. 

Enchanted Evening 1960

This satin gown and stole are a standout ensemble for Barbie! It inspired many different collectible items including ornaments, keychains and musical figurines.

An exact reproduction was issued in 1996 and a brunette bubble cut hairstyle version was released for the 50th anniversary of Barbie in 2009. 

Margot wore this look to the London premiere on July 12th. It was made by Vivienne Westwood. 

Let's Dance 1960

Let's Dance Barbie 1960

There was another variation of this look available in green called ‘Swingin’ Easy’ that came out in 1963 and was reproduced in 2008. 

Silken Flame 1960/ Red Flare 1962

Silken Flame Barbie 1960/ Red Flare Barbie 1962

"Barbie® doll was everyone's sweetheart in this classic short dress.”

A Red Flare swing coat and pill box hat was issued in 1962 as a tribute to Jackie Kennedy which went beautifully with the Silken Flame dress. 

This ensemble was one of the outfits designed by Charlotte Johnson and Fumiko Miyatsuka the year that Charlotte lived in Tokyo (designing Barbie’s wardrobe before her release) but that didn't make it into the first Barbie wardrobe in 1959.

This New Look style outfit would a perfect Valentine’s or Christmas look!

The Barbie Red Flare ensemble was featured on the front of vinyl doll cases in 1963.

Barbie’s sister Skipper got her own version of this look in 1964 called ‘Silk N Fancy’. 

A reproduction was issued in 1998 which included both the Silken Flame dress and Red Flare coat. Hallmark also issued a Silken Flame Christmas ornament that year. 

Theatre Date 1963

Theatre Date Barbie 1963

"Ken® doll had box seats for the Little Theatre's production of "Cinderella”. Barbie® doll couldn't wait to see her favourite dream-come-true story again! For such a special occasion she wore this elegant evening suit in emerald green."

Golden Elegance 1963

Golden Elegance Barbie 1963

“An elegant look that’s as good as gold!”

This was a new version of Evening Splendour in a different colourway produced for only one year. 

Mattel issued a set of Trading Cards in 1990 which included Golden Elegance in the set. 

Sparkling Pink 1963

Sparkling Pink Barbie 1963

This outfit was part of a gift set released in 1963 which included a bubble cut hairstyle doll with a soft pink satin skirt, top, bolero jacket, hat and coat- all studded with sparkling silver dots. 

Margot Robbie Sparkling Pink Barbie 1963

Margot Robbie channelled this look in Seoul on July 3rd in a Moschino ensemble. 

Saturday Matinée 1965

Saturday Matinée Barbie 1965

A brown flecked tweed suit with fur trim that is hard to find today. 

Special Sparkle 1970

Special Sparkle Barbie 1970

Special Sparkle Barbie 1970

This pink and gold brocade look is one of Barbie’s most popular Mod ensembles. It is modelled by a ‘Twist n Turn’ Barbie in the photos. Here we have featured a red and gold version of the look in addition to the pink and gold!

Superstar 1977

The most fabulous doll of the Superstar era (1977-88), she was a a game changer and cemented what became the long lasting classic look of the Blonde Barbie. Mattel started a reproduction of the original Superstar doll last year. 

Beauty Secrets 1979

She had poseable 'beauty action arms' that allowed her to attend to her hair and make-up and came with a full vanity set!

Day to Night 1985

This Barbie celebrates the women’s workplace revolution of the 80s. Wearing a soft pink power suit, she transforms into a party look for night by reversing her skirt and removing her blazer. It was re-released in 2017. 

There was also a Day to Night Ken released as well as a home & office play set. 

Margot Robbie channeled this look during the Barbie movie press tour in Seoul on July 2nd with two outfits made by Versace. 

Uptown 1986

Part of the foreign market (not sold in America) Fashion Play series, this doll had the Superstar head mold. 

Bob Mackie Gold 1990

Bob Mackie designed several Barbie dolls for Mattel throughout his career but this was his very first one! “A vision of fantasy couture” this gold sequin look featured a white feather boa and the doll had the Superstar head mold. Madonna started her Blonde Ambition tour three months after the dolls’ release in a gold costume with an identical hairstyle. Bob had a handle on the zeitgeist! 

Margot also wears a gold sequin jumpsuit in the Barbie movie as part of what seems to be a disco scene. This was one of the looks that is featured on the dolls that were release for the movie. 

Barbie movie gold sequin jumpsuit Margot Robbie

Barbie movie doll 2023

Another gold Barbie look that inspired us was the 2013 ‘The Blonds Blonde Gold Barbie’, a gold label collector doll designed by New York fashion designers The Blonds (David and Philippe Blond). The Blonds have made costumes for Lady Gaga, Madonna and Beyonce. This is the same look worn by Kylie Minogue in her Get Outta My Way music video from 2011. 

The blonds blond gold barbie


Special Expressions 1992 (Peach Pretty Party Dress)

Woolworth’s Special Limited Edition (exclusive to Woolworth’s store).

This doll came in white, black and hispanic versions. The Special Expressions line had 5 other fashion ensembles and ran from 1989-1993.

We didn’t have a pink dress to match but the rosette on this black and white satin one from the same era gives a similar aura.

Totally Hair 1992

Totally Hair Barbie was released in 1992 and is the highest selling Barbie in history, selling over 10 million in 4 years. She was designed by Carol Spencer and was released in both blonde and brunette versions for the first time in 20 years. She had the longest hair of any Barbie until the iconic Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie dethroned her in 1996. She wore a psychedelic Pucci-inspired minidress. 

Margot Robbie attended a Barbie photo call in Mexico last week wearing a custom Pucci dress inspired by Totally Hair Barbie and totally nailed it! 

Our versions of this look feature genuine Emilio Pucci dresses that just hit the store!

1920s Flapper 1993 

Part of the Great Eras Collection which ran from 1993-97 and included 10 dolls.

Another 1920s style Barbie that inspired this look was 'Fabulous 20s' (Silkstone) Barbie from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention in 2021. 110 were made as well as a 'Pink Fabulous 20s' version. 

Fabulous 20s silkstone barbie


Jewel Hair Mermaid 1995

This beauty had the longest hair of any Barbie and was completely fabulous! She came in four different versions and wore a bikini top, mermaid tail that could be turned into a skirt and a gold diadem. One of the most iconic Barbie’s of the 1990s. 

We did a take on her look using the colour palette and textures in her outfit. The mermaid tiara is rental only. 

Cut and Style 1995

The commercial for this Barbie starred a pre-Nickelodeon Amanda Bynes!

70s Disco Barbie 1998

“Barbie is dressed just right to boogie the night away!”

This special edition Barbie came in a blonde or brunette version and wore a three-piece pant suit with a funky shirt underneath and a purple handbag!

City Seasons: Winter in Montreal 1999

This was the final doll in the City Seasons collection which ran from 1998 to 1999. The series also included:

Winter in New York
Autumn in Paris
Summer in San Francisco
Autumn in London 
Summer in Rome
Spring in Tokyo 
Vintage Spring in Tokyo 

Did any of our Canadian followers have this fabulous doll? Represent! 

Aqua Queen of the Prom 2001

There were only 25 of these dolls produced for a collector’s convention in 2001 and as such, she is super rare and worth thousands of dollars. As well as aqua, there was a white and pink gown version also made. So pretty!

Red Hot Reviews (Silkstone) 2007 

This ensemble was designed by Robert Best for the gold label Silkstone Barbie in 2007. 

“In true movie star style, Red Hot Reviews™ Barbie® doll stuns the audience in a gorgeous belted dress, dramatic cape, and flawlessly matching handbag.”

It reminded us of a leopard look Kim Novak wore in 1958’s Bell Book and Candle!

Kim Novak Bell Book and Candle 1958 leopard outfit

For those that don’t know, silkstone is a material that is intended to mimic porcelain. These special fashion model dolls were first introduced in 2000 and feature the 1993 resculpt of the original Barbie face from 1959. The dolls’ clothing have a vintage flair and they are very popular with collectors. The final doll in the series was released in 2020. 

Bonus: a Silkstone Barbie wearing an Integrity Toys fashion ensemble.

Release date unknown.  

1920s Gran Via Centrepiece Doll 2021 (Silkstone)

Ten of these dolls were made for the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention in 2021. One sold on eBay for $5,000 later that year. 

Shop the Collection Here!

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