Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Four Outfits with Coat, Skirt, Pants, Vest and Blazer Outfits


Amidst all of the micro trends in fashion, there is one trend that really shines a light on sustainability and that is the trend of building a Capsule Wardrobe. This has become more popular over the last few years as we declutter our closets and lives. Making a capsule wardrobe can be done by investing in quality items that are made to last, so why not look to vintage, where items have already proven to stand the test of time? We have some great basics in the shop to start building your own capsule wardrobe, like classic trousersblazersstriped knits and silk blouses, and skirts in every length!


Three Skirts Paired with Suede Vest and Cream Silk Blouse

A great skirt is one of the cornerstones of building a capsule wardrobe. Having two or three skirts of varying lengths that will work with a lot of your sweaters and blouses is perfect for being able to mix up your outfits throughout the week. Pictured are three great skirts for Fall, Winter, and Spring, paired with this lovely cream silk blouse, and suede brown vest that looks great layered with a blazer!

Skirt 1: 70s Wool Plaid Maxi Skirt

Skirt 2: 90s Plum Wool Mini Skirt

Skirt 3: 70s Celine Checked Wool Skirt

Four outfits with Skirts Paired with Different Blazers

Having one or two great blazers is also an essential piece to build your wardrobe. They are interchangeable with skirts, jeans, trousers, and dresses and can pull any items together for an effortlessly professional look. A classic blazer can look great even with a band tee and jeans when you want to keep it casual but elevate your look.

Pictured: Chocolate Brown Escada Angora Wool BlazerEscada Caramel Angora Wool BlazerGiorgio Armani Taupe Wool BlazerGreen Giorgio Armani Wool Boucle Blazer

Green blazer with Brown Skirt and Suede Vest, and Brown Blazer with same outfit
Navy Pants with Beige Wool Waistcoat and Blazer

This Giorgio Armani waistcoat and blazer set is just too cute and such a lovely neutral colour that can easily mix with other prints like plaids and checks!

Pink Wool Jacket with Purple Skirt and Striped Shirt


Don’t shy away from colour! While we have a lot of neutrals in our capsule collection, introducing a few statement pieces will keep your outfits interesting. We have some wonderful striped knits by Sonia Rykiel, like this pink and purple striped t-shirt pictured. This lovely pink Guy Laroche blazer comes as a set with a matching skirt, so you can wear colour on the top or bottom to shake things up during the week, and go for the full pink on Wednesdays!

Here we’ve styled this men’s lemon yellow 1960s button up with the pink Guy Laroche jacket, and navy wool pants.


Yellow Oxford with Navy Pants and Pink Jacket

Another great Sonia Rykiel striped knit cardigan that can be layered with a blazer or worn on its own. Styled with this beautiful plum wool Sonia Rykiel midi skirt, just add a pair of chocolate brown knee high boots!

Striped Sonia Rykiel Cardigan and Purple Skirt with Brown Blazer

Below, we styled a multi coloured Sonia Rykiel knit top with these classic navy wool trouserssilk Krizia shacket, and the amazing Karl Lagerfeld wool coat.

Navy Pants with Striped Shirt, Cream Silk Blouse and Navy Jacket



Written by Ainslie Lahey 

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