Costume Design: Dick (1999)

Costume Design: Dick (1999)

Film: Dick (1999)

Starring: Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams

Costume designer: Deborah Everton

Setting: Washington DC in 1974

Filmed in Toronto and other locations in Ontario. 


The photos below are our interpretation of the gloriously fun costuming of the 90s comedy 'Dick' starring Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams as the teenagers who break the Watergate scandal! When this movie came out in 1999, the identity of the real ‘deep throat’ was unknown and has since been revealed as FBI associate director Mark Felt. The movie is extremely goofy!

Costumes were designed by Deborah Everton, who was also responsible for another classic 90s teen movie with impeccable style- The Craft (1996). 

Deborah sourced most of the costumes from a warehouse that had 100 cubic yards of deadstock 70s clothing. However, Kirsten and Michelle’s costumes were mostly custom made.

Deborah told ID magazine that “There was a place in St. Louis called Hullabaloo, and it was like a whole city block of deadstock clothing. It was like walking into a time machine. We got all this great stuff—actual clothes from the late 60s, early 70s—to put on extras or to use as patterns”. 

Hullaballoo, which supplied the looks for a variety of movies over the years such as the original John Waters Hairspray, Boogie Nights, and Catch Me if You Can, has closed down, but one of the original founders still does wholesale in St. Louis under the name Donnaland Vintage Variety.

At the end of the movie, the girls cut up an American flag and make their own ensembles out if it, resulting in the memorable costumes they wear on the movie posters. Everton told I-D the story of filming that scene knowing that it’s actually illegal to cut up an American flag but they all made the joke that because they were in Canada that it was fine!

One of Kirsten’s costumes from the movie is currently on sale on eBay for $1500 USD. 

This film is perfect Summer and Fall style inspiration for young vintage lovers!

All items used in this edit were pulled from the 1970s aisle of our rentals collection and are not for sale. Take a peek below!

A blue leather coat, rainbow colour tank top and yellow polyester pants. 

Left: Red flares and a denim embroidered shirt.

Right: Blue denim flares with ribbon work details and a rainbow stripe knit top. 

Right: Purple polyester dress and plaid cropped shacket that is part of a set.

Left: Pink polyester dress and matching ruffle jacket set (this one was actually for sale and has since been sold). 

Right: Blue polyester shift dress

Left: Orange flared pant suit with mock neck top. 

Right: Floral print shift dress with mandarin style collar

Left: Psychedelic print mini dress 

Beige trench coats, black turtlenecks, black sunglasses and black hats.

A plaid coat


An orange ruffle blouse. 

Some more options for Michelle's psychedelic dress. 

A brown knit top with the same horizontal pattern weave a what Kirsten wears. 

Yellow print blouse, green knit vest and taupe mac coat.

Some fun purple patterned pieces!


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