vintage 60s/70s psychedelic print dresses

Psychedelic Edit- Summer of Love!

The 60s and 70s were a time of cultural change, an era that brought us hippie communes and the peace movement. The styles that began in Haight-Ashbury and developed into Bohemian style, hippie dress and psychedelic wear are still just as fresh today. This style was considered anti-establishment and can be characterized by flowing kaftans, kaleidoscopic vivid colours, paisley, tie-dye, swirling abstract patterns and floral embellishment. Flowing shapes seemed to relate to the unbinding of restrictions, unloosed by the hallucinogenic experience. Some of our favourite fashion icons from this period have to be the lovely Pattie Boyd and Marijke Koger of The Fool Design Collective. Look up their work if you haven't already!

Pattie Boyd Psychedelic style

The Fool art collective Psychedelic style

Our latest addition to the 'Collection Edits' tab is the Psychedelic edit! This collection is chock full of 60s & 70s clothing and fabric with colourful psychedelic prints. There are lots of surreal maxi dresses, ideal for having a fabulous time this Summer! Maybe we can attend a 'happening' in San Francisco? (We can dream). We're looking forward to having a trippy experience partying, lounging and sipping cocktails with these absolute stunners. How could you not feel good wearing this stuff??? Liberate yourself!

Dazed magazine hypothesized why psychedelic fashion is in right now- crazy lockdown dreams, people taking drugs to cope with this modern sense of doom, trippy visuals being useful when our lives are being lived digitally and the socio-political change happening right now. It's time for a new Summer of Love after this pandemic. 2022, we're looking at you! Reality has felt pretty strange the past few years, so let's embrace these looks. Click on any image below to get a closer look or follow the collection link above to the full edit. 

Vintage 70s Velvet Quilted Maxi Skirt with Sequins, Psychedelic Print, Medium

Vintage 60s/70s Emilio Pucci Psychedelic Lingerie Set, B Cup

Vintage 70s Psychedelic Floral Paisley Orange Jumpsuit, Missy House of Canada, SmallVintage 70s Coral Psychedelic Floral Halter Maxi Dress, XS












Vintage 70s Sheer Green Psychedelic Print Kaftan/ Cover-up Set, Small


 Vintage 70s Psychedelic Floral Print Knit Maxi Dress & Shawl, SmallVintage 70s Psychedelic Floral Print Long-Sleeve Silk Dress, Small











Vintage 70s Psychedelic Purple Sleeveless Floral Print Maxi Dress, Medium

Vintage 70s Psychedelic Wide Sleeve Kaftan Muumuu Dress, Large


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