Ceil Chapman dress

Ceil Chapman & Sally Milgrim

New to the shop this week are some fresh 1960s cocktail and babydoll dresses. 

They are each adorned with bow details, in theme with the 1960s 'Return to Youth' trend, which in truth infantilized women, but nonetheless made for some sweet and charming pieces!

Ceil Chapman & Marilyn Monroe

Of particular note is a fabulous Ceil Chapman silk number we scored. Chapman was an American fashion designer who worked in New York City from the 1940s to the 1960s. She was known for creating glamourous cocktail dresses and for dressing celebrity clients and movie stars. She was reported to be Marilyn Monroe's favourite designer and provided Elizabeth Taylor's trousseau in 1950.

She was given the Coty American Fashion Critic's Award in 1945 for her creative contribution to American fashion. She won many other awards throughout her career. Chapman was also involved in the first clothing deal for credit on television with the 'Meet Betty Furness' show. 

Another sweet find was a blue deadstock Milgrim label dress. 

Sally Milgrim fashion designer, Milgrim clothing company

"Milgrim" was a specialty store that dated from the 1920s in New York City. Later, there were stores in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and other cities in Eastern States. Charles Milgrim owned the business, with his wife Sally Milgrim as designer. She designed Eleanor Roosevelt's inaugural ball gown in 1933. She retired in 1960.

As in other stores in the first half of the 20th century, the Milgrim store had both a custom salon and ready-to-wear clothes. They also imported and sold French designs. Milgrim ready-to-wear was sold in department stores across 29 states around the country. One of the company's labels was “salymil,” a contraction of Sally Milgrim." The last remaining Milgrim store closed in 1990 in Cleveland.

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Ceil Chapman dress:

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