The Costumes We Rented to Killers of the Flower Moon

The Costumes We Rented to Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon became available for digital purchase/rental at the beginning of December on @AppleTV+

We had the pleasure of working with the wardrobe team in 2021, headed by Academy nominated costume designer Jacqueline West and lead wardrobe consultant for the Osage nation Julie O’Keefe. The women consulted with and hired many Osage artists to work on the film. “From my perspective, they’re not costumes. Everything was authentic and is something we’re still wearing today,” said O’Keefe (during a Deadline panel discussion) of collaborating with West and Osage artisans to craft looks for the film. 

“KOSU’s ALLISON HERRERA: Hundreds of Osages worked as extras and behind the scenes. O'Keefe tapped into Osage aunties and grandmas who have prized collections of ribbon work, finger weaving and blankets. She put an ad in the local paper asking Osage women to show off their heirlooms to the wardrobe crew.

JULIE O'KEEFE: And they're bringing out items from that 1920s period or earlier, like, some of the fabrics and everything and the textiles that were used and, you know, ribbon that colors - those colors don't exist anymore. And this is what took an epic movie like this and brought it down into a feeling of a community project.”

See the full NPR article here: 

We provided 1920s clothing, purses and jewellery to the production for both the main cast and background actors. 

Actress Cara Jade Myers, who played Anna, can be seen wearing one of our hats in the banner photo at the top of the page, which was one of the first promotional images released from the movie. 

Also pictured below are a variety of individual items we rented to the production which you might be able to spot when you watch the film.

Anna Kyle

Mollie Kyle (Played by Lily Gladstone)

Reta Kyle (Played by JaNae Collins)

Minnie Kyle (played by Jillian Dion)

Supporting characters also wore some of our items.

Vera (Mollie’s housekeeper)

Myrtie Hale

Bertha Bigheart

Martha (the nanny)

Some suits worn by Joe Jones (agent), John Wren (agent), Sheriff Freas, Blackie Thompson

Lastly, these photos are of background actors wearing three of our dresses. 


Jacqueline West has since been nominated for an Oscar for her beautiful work on this film. Check out our post taking a closer look at the costume design of this film HERE


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