Börje- The Journey of a Legend Costumes

Börje- The Journey of a Legend Costumes

The six part drama series ‘Börje- The Journey of a Legend’ premiered on November 19th 2023, becoming the most watched original series on @viaplay in Sweden. It will be coming to @CraveCanada on December 20th. 

Costume Designers: Sofie Krunegård and John Dunnet (@whodunnett).

This project honours the life of the legendary hockey player Börje Salming, who passed away from ASL during the filming of this show. It was a Swedish and Canadian co-production. Sofie and Assistant Costume Designer Lisa Pyk Wirstrom came to us from Sweden in the Spring of 2022 to pull for the part of the production happening in Sweden (Summer of 2022), and then the costume team continued to rent more from us as the production moved to Toronto (Fall 2022). 

We provided vintage 1970s-80s clothing for both the Swedish and Canadian parts of the production. This clothing was used for both the principal cast and the background actors. See the photos below for the items of ours that we were able to pick out on the show.

Stig Salming (Oscar Skagerberg) wearing a 1970s leather jacket.


Börje (Valter Skarsgård) wearing a blue 1970s 3 piece suit.

Margitta (Hedda Stiernstedt) wearing a 1970s stripe knit top.

Stig wearing another black leather jacket. 

Inge (Pelle Holmström) wearing a stripe bomber jacket.

Margitta wearing an 80s red knit zebra print sweater. 

Margitta wearing an 80s brown jacket and black/brown sweater.

Borje wearing a 70s blue shirt. Check out this clip from the series in which this shirt is paid a special compliment 😊 

A background actor wearing a 70s yellow plaid jacket which is part of a pant set. 

A background actor wearing a 70s brown knit tank top. 

Margitta wearing 80s denim jeans. 

Gerry (Jason Priestly) wearing a blue patterned tie. 

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