Collection: Gilded Glamour

A collection inspired by the Met Gala's 2022 theme- Gilded Glamour, or fashion inspired by America's Gilded Age from the 1870s to about 1900. 

"The name of the era is one that points out the difference between an actually robust society, and one covering its flaws with the appearance of fortune. Gilding, the practice of covering some other material with gold leaf, doesn't make that object as valuable as something made of real, solid gold. The term was an ironic comment on the difference between a true golden age and their present time, a period of booming prosperity in the United States that created a class of the super-rich. 
It's also when many people moved to Los Angeles. The industrial boom brought unprecedented wealth to a chosen few. Everyone who could wanted to show off their money and good taste."

So with that said, this period in American fashion was dominated by the use of feathers, corsets, structured taffeta dresses, décolletage, ruffles, large bows, jewel tones and of course gold. It was extra! So, here are some pieces in our studio which fit within some of these parameters, in addition to period appropriate pieces. 

We did a series of blogposts on the Gilded Age with a focus on fashionable socialites. 

Check out the first post in the series below:
Gilded Glamour