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Annie Hall Outfit Challenge

Our take on Diane Keaton as Annie Hall! 

 We put together this look from our sales stock inspired by Annie Hall! 

Movie: Annie Hall 

Release year: 1977

Director: Woody Allen 

Costume designer: Ruth Morley 

This film had a huge influence on women’s style of the late 70s. The look is characterized by layering oversized separates and the inclusion of menswear details like neckties. Dad pants, vests and blazers were a must. Some of these pieces were supplied by Ralph Lauren for the movie. Keaton played a central role in creating Annie’s look. She wrote in her memoir that she wanted to wear what “the cool-looking women on the streets of SoHo” were wearing: menswear. “Annie’s khaki pants, vest, and tie came from them,” she explained. She took the bowler hat from the French actress Aurore Clément who turned up wearing it on the set of The Godfather Part II when Diane was filming. 

Ruth Morley was apparently not a fan of the look Diane created but Woody Allen wanted her to have complete control. He said “Leave her. She’s a genius. Let’s just leave her alone, let her wear what she wants. If I really hate something, I’ll tell her. Otherwise she can choose for herself”.

Annie Hall was a huge hit and it ushered in a whole era of women adopting casual and cool menswear-inspired style which continued into the 80s. Diane and Annie’s legacy was cemented in the fashion history books. 

Check out this Instagram video of us breaking down the look!



Here are some other great Annie looks from the movie:

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Hello, I’m reading Diane Keaton’s memoir- “Then Again”, and was excited to see her stylish outfits here! Thank you so much!

Melanie Few

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