About Ian Drummond

Portrait of Ian in a studio aisle surrounded by clothing racks


Ian has been a passionate collector of vintage clothing since the early 1980s, at first shopping for himself in Toronto’s Kensington Market, and then everywhere to stock his first vintage clothing store, 20th Century Frox.

Along with building the Ian Drummond Collection, he has also worked in the Toronto film industry. A member of IATSE 873 since 1997, he’s worked as an assistant costume designer on Hairspray, and on Cinderella Man as the extras coordinator – he was responsible for the costuming of 3000+ background performers in each film. As well, Ian was the wardrobe buyer on Chicago, an Oscar winner for costume design. To this day he's enjoying every chance he gets to help award-winning Costume Designers make their magic.

Through all of these productions he has gained invaluable knowledge about what works in the realm of vintage clothing for film and television, and keeps all this in mind as he shops for the collection.

When asked why he got into the rental business his answer is simple.
“It satisfies two urges: to shop AND to keep!”

But even with a 10,000 square foot studio, he can't keep everything. Some items don't work for film. They might buzz for the camera, or be a colour only a lead can wear, or be too specific to work in background. Film work is the studio's bread and butter, and so everything we keep must work for what we do best.

The top-to-toe costuming for cast and background performers means that Ian has to buy entire estates sometimes to get the few things that will work for the rental collection. So, while the entire rental house that Ian and his small staff maintains is designed to offer costume designers and stylists a wearable and screen-ready collection in a comfortable, clean, organized and climate-controlled environment - it is also the perfect set-up and source for an online store like Ian Drummond Vintage.

The Ian Drummond Collection’s movie and TV wardrobe rental studio is open to Industry Professionals from 9-5 Monday through Friday by appointment, and we sell to the public online and at vintage shows, and to the trade by appointment in Toronto.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @iandrummondcollection and @iandrummondvintage for more sneak peeks at what will soon be in the store, or for what we're working on for the big and small screens.

For those in the film industry interested in renting vintage clothing for your project please visit our website at www.iandrummondcollection.com

*Founding member of Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design (CAFTCAD)
*Film CV
*Member of Vintage Fashion Guild
*Member of Costume Society of Ontario
*Board Member of the Fashion History Museum