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We were so in awe of the costumes in Edgar Wright's 2021 film Last night In Soho, designed by Odile Dicks-Mireaux. It was disappointing that she didn't receive an Academy award nomination for her work. We decided to pay it a little tribute this week and had fun putting together some looks from the shop, inspired by the wardrobes of Sandy and Ellie in the film. The pink chiffon party dress that Sandy wears, along with the white mac coat have become iconic in their own right. Unfortunately, the white coat we used in the shoot is not for sale. But you can shop for the other pieces by clicking on any of the photos below! 

We love to read behind the scenes snippets of information on the costume design process. Some of the 60s films that inspired the look of this movie include Darling and Beat Girl. In an interview with Vogue, Dicks-Mireaux said of the chiffon dress:

"The peach dress had to inspire [Eloise]. Most of the dresses from that period were just straight shifts but I wanted something chiffony that moved beautifully. I also wondered where she’d have gotten a dress that’s so glamorous. She’s not a woman of means. Most people [at that time] made their own clothes with paper patterns, so I used those as references."

Of the white coat and lace dresses, she says:

“In Darling, Julie Christie wears a white Mac.....[She] also wears a black dress and I wanted [Anya] to have a sophisticated black lace dress, which is then reflected in the black lace dress that Thomasin wears later on. Then, I was using this vintage white mac as a sample to show what Anya would look like in a mac and then we put it on Thomasin. Everyone said, ‘Oh, why doesn’t she buy a white Mac?’"

We have two 1960s pink chiffon dresses in the shop. It was a dream to float around in them!

vintage 1960s pink chiffon beaded gown.

Vintage 1960s pink chiffon empire waist gown with crystals

We see both Sandy, and later Ellie, wear black lace dresses. Ellie wears her white Mac over hers.

Vintage 1960s black lace cocktail dress

Vintage 1960s black lace 3/4 sleeve dress

After Ellie colours her hair blonde in reference to Sandy, we see her wearing a white lace blouse with jeans and her white coat again.

Vintage 60s cream lace crochet top

Later in the movie, as we near the end of the 60s, we see Sandy in a psychedelic print dress with a cut-out neckline. We picked this jumpsuit from our collection to reference that outfit.

Vintage 1970s Palazzo pant psychedelic print jumpsuit

Lastly, we used this amazing green & silver lurex paisley gown to reference the green dress Sandy wears near the end of the film.

Vintage 60s green & silver lurex paisley print gown

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