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Our Vintage Halloween

We had fun dressing up for Halloween this week.

We did some fashion witch looks with dresses from the store and hats from the rentals collection.

The first look is a flapper witch wearing a 1920s/30s black silk velvet dress with a zig-zag collar/capelet and deep V back. (Click the photo below to go to the dress page). We styled it with some fabulous hats. Which is your favourite? 

1920s flapper witch

1920s flapper witch with vintage hats

The bird hat is particularly eye catching! They were hugely popular in the U.S. and Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. More than 5 million birds were killed each year for millinery purposes in America alone. By the turn of the century, women conservationists were rallying to try and save birds from extinction and Audubon societies started to spring up. It was one of the first times a popular movement erupted in defence of the environment. Eventually the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 was passed and put an end to the worst of the avian massacres. 

vintage bird hat
To our modern sensibilities, we can only imagine witches wearing taxidermied birds on their heads today! 
Tippi Hedren would hate this!

Tippi Hedren The Birds

Here are some vintage photos of women enjoying their bird hats. 

vintage bird hats

It also reminded us of this Alexander McQueen RTW collection from 2006.

Alexander McQueen RTW 2006 bird hats

We have dubbed the second look 'disco witch'! We used a gorgeous sparkly 80s handkerchief-hem party dress with lace overlay. We paired it with a sparkly sequin hat and another pearl drop hat. We just need a black cat to complete the look! (Click the first photo to go to the dress page).

Vintage 1980s Black Lace Sweetheart Cocktail Dress, W26" Vintage 1980s Black Lace Sweetheart Cocktail Dress, W26"

Vintage hats

We then moved on to TV character inspired get-ups. 

Here is our Daphne Blake outfit featuring a 1980s purple chiffon pleated dress from Albert Nipon. The headscarf, neck scarf and shoes are from the rentals collection. Click the photo to go to the dress page. 

Daphne Blake cosplayDaphne Blake cartoon

Daphne wanted to be both a supermodel and a detective as a child. While the former didn't work out, she always shows up to the job impressively put together. A fan favourite since 1969, it's so much fun seeing everyone's interpretation of this style icon each Halloween. Her original TV look was created by character designer Iwao Takamoto. 

We have to mention Sarah Michelle Gellar's rendition in the early 2000s, with costumes by Leesa Evans. Trés Chic!

Daphne Blake Sarah Michelle Gellar Scooby Doo

Did you know that Daphne has a Scottish cousin called Shannon Blake who is like a short-haired, less fashion obsessed Gaelic (see tartan skirt!) version of Daphne?

Shannon Blake Scooby Doo

Lastly, we did our take on Fran Fine from The Nanny, another TV style icon. Her costumes were designed by Brenda Cooper between 1993 and '99. The designer noted in a Variety interview that Fran's look “had to be fun, witty, sassy and elegant. It was a sassy elegance that was important to me, and pushing that to the edge without tipping it.” Cooper wove in styles from the 40s, 50s and 60s to Fran's wardrobe. 

Fran loved a good skirt suit!

She wore many leopard print outfits and we thought this skirt suit fit the bill perfectly. 

80s Leopard Print Skirt Suit by Mondi, Large

 Fran FineFran Fine

She was also a fan of polka dots and the colour red!

80s Ilie Wacs Red and White Polka Dot Skirt Suit, Medium

Fran Fine really taught us to have fun with fashion, whether you're going to the grocery store or want to be best dressed at the office! Her style is still impacting fashion trends and inspiring designers to this day and we hope she inspires you to play and enjoy getting dressed all year round!

Fran Fine Fran Fine Fran Fine

Check out @whatfranwore on Instagram for more inspiration, as well as our own Instagramaccounts @iandrummondvintage and @iandrummondcollection for more ideas on items we have in the shop that match Fran's eclectic fashion sense. 

We hope you enjoyed these looks!

Happy Halloween!

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