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Spotlight on Women Designers

Vintage Sonia Rykiel Striped Knit Lip Logo Tshirts


If you follow our Instagram, you may have noticed we've been shining a light on women designers throughout history over the last week. Some are lesser known than others, even though they were busy behind the scenes revamping or designing for larger companies. Some received awards and accolades for their prominence in the design community, but ended up forgotten as time passed. Some may be just a name you know, without knowing their background and history. While we are all versed in the legend of Dior, Halston, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent, it is often their female peers who's legacies fall by the wayside even though they were just as prolific and popular. 

We are always learning, and it brings us great joy when Ian gives us insight about a lesser known label who perhaps had a larger impact than we were aware, or created quality clothing that often gets overlooked since their names don't have the same caché as YSL or Gucci. We're lucky to have many designers to learn about in both our rental collection, as well as our retail collection and we invite you to learn along with us!

From the department store queen Anne Klein, to the sweater queen Sonia Rykiel, Mollie Parnis to Jean Muir, Pauline Trigère to Marghereta Ley, we have a wonderful selection to explore! Click through the images below to shop, and head to our Instagram to read more! We recommend taking some time to read old profiles of the many designers in the New York Times archives as well!  

Happy Women's History Month!

Vintage 90s Betsey Johnson Gold Glitter Pants and Plaid Blazer

Vintage Anne Klein Maxi Plaid Skirt and Metallic Teal Skirt
Vintage 1960s Pauline Trigere Dress and Jacket Set
Vintage 90s Escada Blazer Navy Blue Gold Button Double Breasted Short Sleeves
Vintage Jean Muir Cream Knit Dress
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